Who is a Ground Staff?

The ground force is the face and the brand ambassador of the airline. They are the first point of contact for anyone who enters the airport. As a ground staff, you become an important catalyst to build experience and the mood of a customer’s journey. This profile requires immensely responsible, energetic individuals, who can think out of the box and are proactive enough to ensure they are there for everyone who may or may not need their assistance.

They are the ones who handle everything at the airport before the flight takes off. They are considered as the back bone of any airline. They are responsible for passenger’s safety; they do a thorough check of the passengers and their baggage’s. It’s only the ground staff who can issue a Boarding Pass (a pass to enter the aircraft) to the passengers. They are responsible for getting g the baggage’s loaded in the aircraft for a respective passenger for their respective flights

Ground staff also does a strict security check for the passengers hand bags and for themselves for security reasons. At the same they take care of the service part as well and ensure that all the passengers including first time fliers have great and happy experience with the airline

Qualities you must possess to set yourself apart from the competition

1) Must be absolutely Proactive

2) Good communication skills

3) Excellent interpersonal skills

4) The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers

5) Diplomacy and tact

6) Good color vision and hearing

7) Good general health and fitness

8) Assertiveness

9) The ability to keep a cheery countenance when you've been on your feet a long time

10) They must have the ability to handle the situation in every condition along with diplomatic Abilities, the flexibility of attitude, great communication, and organizing skills which are the most essential qualities needed for Airport Ground Staff

Eligibility Criteria for Ground Staff

Qualifications Specified by Airlines for fresher’s are

• Minimum age: 18 years | Maximum age: 27 years

• Height-No Bar

• Should have passed 10+2 examination from a recognized Board or University

• Should be a Graduate OR must be pursuing final year

• No tattoos to be visible when uniform is worn

• Excellent Communication skill

• Well Groomed

Post your selection in an Airline as a Ground Staff

You will go through the training program for different verticals like

1) Commercial – This is related to Customer Service

2) Security – This is related to screening the baggage and checking the passengers physically and with the help of a Metal Detector

3) Ramp – This is related to handling an aircraft once it lands at the airport until it takes off

Salary of a Ground Staff in India

The salary of an Airport Ground Staff depends on the type (like Domestic and International) and size (a small city / metropolitan city airport) and filed one is handling.

In India, with the Domestic Airline, an airport ground staff can expect anything between 18000/- to 25000/- per month

Our Ground Staff Programme

We come from a school of thoughts where we believe there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a smile on someone’s face.

So, if you are willing to be a part of the service industry, if you know you are ready to make experiences and memories for the travelers, identifying their stated or unstated need- then you are one for this job.


Effective Communication – 15 days

Grooming – 7 days

Body Language – 4 days

Interview Skills – 4 days

Ground Staff Course – Duration – 1 Months

Course Fee – 35000/- (tax included)


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